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eck, cj1, i2, 5, ws0, my, zl, 9fm, xs, fno, se6, 8, Services – 8 Mandi Hills
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Farm Services & Activities

Spa & Beauty Wellness

• Professional Therapist
• All Body Treatments
• Open to nature Relax + Rejuvenate
• Special Group Packages
• Spa Menu on Request
• Contact for Special Discounts & Deals

Home Made Multi Cuisine

Butler/Chef at your disposal

Personalize your menu

Round the clock F&B Services

Farm fresh organic veggies & Juices

Contact for special discounts deals

Cooking Classes

Organic Farming

Photography Classes

Board Games

Outdoor Sports

Yoga Lessons

Cultural Evening

Beauty Salon

Swimming Pool

Valet Parking

baby Sitting

Pets Allowed


Book Now for Best Deals